Are You Using the Correct Car Seat or Booster?

This was a question that I thought I answered correctly when my children were in that phase. But I found out quickly that we were using the wrong kind of car seat, then eventually the wrong booster seat. How can that happen? Even with popular brand name seats? It's actually the ages that we end up getting wrong. The right ages and stages or important to know.

By now, parents with babies, toddlers, and small children should know that ages 0-2 should in a rear facing car seat. 

Children ages 2-7 should be in a forward facing car seat. 

Ages 4-12 should be in a booster seat. 

Age 8 to adult should be buckled properly with a seat belt. This stage is only for children who can sit properly in the adult seat and around 4'9" in height!

Why is age so important? Obviously, the smaller they are, the more they will need in the areas of safety.  Be informed of proper weight limits of a child. A child's weight may be more than required age. Keep that in mind as well.

Now onto the proper car seat and booster seat. If it doesn't fit in your vehicle, it's the wrong one. Your child will not be safe!  Be sure it's easy to use, but that it's age appropriate and safe for your child. You will know when your child is mature enough to sit in the proper position during a ride in the car.

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